Love a library book, please don’t mark it!

004At this busy time of the year, it is easy to become lost in revision. When studying, please pay attention to which books belong to a library. Try not to mark them with pen, pencil, or highlighter. Instead use post it notes, or even scrap paper, to mark pages of interest. We have sticky markers at the main issue desk or on our first floor, free to take.


Damaged books need replacing, as markings make text difficult to read. When we scan text for visually impaired readers, the pages need to be free from marks. By checking our books on a regular basis, we ensure they have a long shelf life. You can help by reporting any damage you find inside any items you have on loan.


Once a book has been damaged, it will unfortunately attract more damage. Even pencil, which can be erased, will leave a mark.


We do keep some books in the library as examples of what can happen if we do not stay on top of this increasing problem. If you have any questions about damage to books, do get in touch. We are always happy to suggest ways that will make revision easier. Do see our display board, with useful tips and help on revision.


Good luck with the exams!!


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